Saturn, the planet of structure now direct brings stability into our lives, a great time to get your house in order, and to do some therapeutic rest and relaxation. Also, Jupiter the planet of luck moves into the dramatic sign of Leo, starting a year long transit. Love matters should be quite interesting. Venus, the planet of love and money now in the nurturing sign of Cancer, focuses on home and security, while tapping into our heart strings. Great time to mend some fences. Also, a New Moon on July 26 conjunct transiting Venus raises our creative level,  allowing us to get a dose of our childlike awesomeness. A great week to start a new venture, or to take a chance at speculation/chance, or to venture into a new romance.



Aries - This weeks New Moon brings personal inspiration in, a great week for love, new or present. In addition work matters feel promising, a great week to ask for that raise.


Taurus - With the Sun and New Moon hitting your home base you may find yourself focusing more on clearing out, or adding more. Either way this is your time for some nesting or just doing. In addition, though private as you are, you may find yourself wanting to entertain, or merely letting others occupy your space.


Gemini - For all intense purposes this is your week to shine as the New Moon sextiles your Sun sign. A great period for financial gain as transiting Venus hits your money house bringing luck your way. Also, a great week to air your thoughts as the Sun and transiting Jupiter transit your area of happy talk. .


Cancer - With transiting Venus now in your own sign, you may find yourself focusing more on your outer self. A great week to get your money situation in order as Jupiter and the transiting Sun hit your 2nd house of resources.


Leo - With so much activity taking place in your own sign, you may feel on top of the world. A great week  to express yourself to the fullest. Also, love can be interesting as well as intense. Small talk does wonders.


Virgo - With the transiting Sun and Jupiter traveling through your area of thought, it's time to let go of the past and focus on what really needs to be done. Also a  great week for friends as you seek out a support system. Great week to stay connected.


Libra - It's all about partnerships, both work and play, however this week can be inspiring as Jupiter and the transiting Sun balance your own sign. In addition, as transiting Venus hovers over your career house you may find yourself feeling more motivated. A great week for opportunity to show itself.


Scorpio  This is your week to shine as both the transiting Sun and Jupiter take place at the zenith part of your chart, your career. A great week to show what you have while creating some personal security.


Sagittarius - Now that Jupiter is in Leo, you may find yourself feeling a sense of ease as it trines your natal Sun. Much for the better this period will enhance you in most areas, career, love and money. This is going to be your year to shine. More importantly, you may do something quite extraordinary like write a book, travel extensively.


Capricorn - This is going to be your year where you finally get yourself in a better place financially. As the transiting Sun and Jupiter hit your money house it's all about you and how you handle your responsibilities. Also, love can be interesting as transiting Venus in your relationship house beckons you to partner up.


Aquarius - With the Sun and transiting Jupiter now in Leo in your area of relationships this is your year to focus on what really counts. A strong year for find your true self, gaining some momentum in every aspect of your life.


Pisces - As always it's all about you tapping into your creative juices, getting the most out of what is expected of you. A great week to do something fun and different. Also, a strong period for gaining some insight into health and fitness.