Sun in Leo July 23- August 20 -  The Sun signifies the core of who we are. Our individuality, our primal center, why we are motivated and what makes us tick. This month's Sun in Leo is about fun, relaxation and getting more into our creative side. Time to get your mojo on.


ARIES- This could be your time to shine through work or play as VENUS and the transiting SUN highlight your own sign. However, not a the best when it comes to money and possessions. If anything stand down for a while, and get yourself in order before jumping in to unsteady waters.


TAURUS – Between work and home you may feel as though you have way to much on your plate, as you struggle to keep everything together. However know that the transiting SUN and JUPITER transiting your area of home should provide you with enough energy to keep your stamina up. .


GEMINI – With so many positive influences taking place around you, this should be your time to express what you feel to the fullest. As JUPITER and the transiting SUN engage your area of chat, you are not without words or social grace.


CANCER – With the transiting SUN AND JUPITER traveling through your area of monies & posessions, this should be where you feel the most comfort knowing that all is well in your financial department.


LEO – It’ all about you as the SUN and transiting VENUS travel through your own sign, the limelight is on you, however you may feel a bit over the top where relationships are concerned. New or existing partnerships take on a new vibration as you may feel completely overwhelmed by what is being thrown at you.


VIRGO – Sometimes it’s better to take control of the past, instead of letting the past control you. This weeks specifically  the SUN and transiting JUPITER travel through the most intense, private sector of your chart, the 12th house. This is where all your memories linger, and where your intuition is deepened.


LIBRA – As the planets favorably chime with your own sign, this may be your month to accomplish all that needs to be done. Specifically speaking, the transiting SUN and JUPITER accent your area of friendships, bringing to light your best where social connections are concerned. Also a great cycle for love matters, new or current.


SCORPIO – With the SUN AND JUPITER hovering over your career house, may find yourself in a dither as you feel very torn between work and home. However much can be said about your need to control every given situation, and to constantly feel as though you’re always putting out fires. However as difficult as it may seem, this period may prove to be one where you find satisfaction in finally getting things done.


SAGITTARIUS – You may feel quite at home during this month as the transiting SUN and JUPITER travel through your ruler sector of your chart, the 9th house. You may feel inspired to write, travel, and to take on new ventures that you have been aching to tap in to. This is your week to create.  


CAPRICORN – As careful as you are with money, you may find yourself with the SUN and JUPITER traveling through your 8th house, a bit more cavalier than usual. Also, you may find yourself a bit more generous that usual, and less inclined to be obsessive about financial affairs.


AQUARIUS – It’s all about partnerships, both personal and career related as the SUN and JUPITER travel through your area of relationships. This may be your time to show what you are capable of. A great week  for hanging out, taking care of legal obligations and being in the public eye.


PISCES – With the transiting SUN and JUPITER in your area of health and fitness, this may be your week to take charge of yourself. A great period to start a new health regimen.


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