20-years ago, one of the biggest bands at the time (Nirvana) had to deal with a tragedy.  Their lead singer, Kurt Cobain decided to take his own life.  

There's been a lot of controversy surrounding his death.  There are people out there that believe Kurt staged his own death and he's running around out there with 2Pac and Elvis.  

Whatever you believe, this may push you in a more realistic direction.  Or not.

Seattle police have decided to publish a bunch of previously unreleased photos from the scene of Kurt Cobain's death.  


It's really important to not that these are NOT photos of Kurt's body.  If you're even the least bit squimish, you'll be okay.  (In two photos you could see Kurt's hand, and another his leg and arm.)

The photos include pictures of Kurt's suicide note, the room he shot himself, drug paraphernalia, drivers license and more.  

Even though there's controversy surrounding his death, this is NOT an attempt by police to reopen the case.  A detective was just reviewing the case files to refresh himself for an interview and stumbled into these.