I am working on a new project in honor of my son, Gabriel, who  was born sleeping. Basically I was inspired by a group of women from Fort Worth, Texas who are now taking donated Wedding Gowns and turning them into Angel Gowns. There isn't anything like that here in N.W. Ohio, and I am working on changing that. I remember the day I delivered Gabriel and we had a few short hours to say our hellos and goodbyes. They were some of the hardest hours of my life, then we had move straight into planning his burial. An angel gown would have been soo appreciated and cherished during that moment of our lives. I know I can't change the fact that other families see the same pain we did, but I would love to be responsible for starting something that will help ease that pain at that time.

I don't sew and don't pretend I to know how. This is where I need your help, if you do sew and would like to volunteer your services on making angel gowns, please email me: Sara@925kissfm.com

On that same note, if you have a wedding gown that you would like to donate to the cause (each wedding gown will make 12 angel gowns) please email you...we aren't accepting them yet, but as soon as we are, I will let you know: sara@925kissfm.com

My goal is to hopefully get this going by October which is Infant/Pregnancy Loss Awareness Month.

Thank You


Here is the video that gave me the inspiration to start this cause: