There was another school tragedy yesterday.  This time it happened in Pittsburgh, and luckily it didn't involve a gun.  The student responsible for the tragedy ended up stabbing 20 students.  Thankfully no one was killed, and there were a few kids that ended up being hero's.  

Nate Scimio was one of the students that got stabbed, but after he was hurt, he decided to pull the fire alarm to alert everyone in the school to get out.  

He's getting more attention this morning, but not for pulling the alarm.  Nate posted a selfie after he was treated for his stab wound.

Some people were OUTRAGED that he reacted to the stabbing by posting on Instagram.  They're saying it's disrespectful to the other victims and to the gravity of the situation.  Other people are supporting him, saying it was because he let everyone know that the kid who stabbed him failed at hurting more people.   

Here's the picture he posted on his Instagram: