We were inspired to put together a list of Barbies from NW Ohio.  If you have anything to add, feel free to comment below.  

East Side Barbie – This Barbie comes wrapped in a brown paper bag and bound in duct tape…getting her out is half the fun; be careful.  East Side Barbie comes complete with 3 plus kids and one on the way.  Dressed in skin tight pants and an oversized Winnie the Pooh t-shirt and bottle of ranch dressing in her bra, hours and hours of fun are guaranteed.  East Side Barbie uses words like “seen” and “tooken,” providing you with an educational experience for months.  After six months of ownership you’ll receive her G.E.D. certificate in the mail.  

University of Toledo Barbie - This Barbie comes with yoga pants, pair of UGG boots, her own North-face jacket, fake eyelashes and pull string with various Uhhh, and UMM statements.  Sold separately are daddy’s credit card and a pair of Victoria’s Secret “LOVE PINK” sweat pants.

Sylvania Barbie – She comes complete with a min-van and 2 kids.  She comes complete with a Costco card, Starbucks card (might not be gold, but she’s working on it).  Sylvania Barbie is on a first name basis with her kids’ teachers because she went to high school with the majority of them.  She is complete with skinny jeans, trendy top and boots that she found at this super cute boutique on Main Street.

West Toledo Barbie – Truly one of the most versatile of the Barbie's, this Barbie comes with a 5-year-old sedan that she just paid off and is starting to fall apart, mechanic bills included!  She goes to work every day because she has to, in order to pay the bills.  She also comes with shopping bags from Target and TJ Maxx and a change of clothes that you will find her in the most…her work uniform and gym clothes. West Toledo Barbie strives to be Sylvania Barbie on day.  Also included is secret girlfriend Rossford Rachel.  

Ottawa Hills Barbie – This Barbie can only be ordered online and we will inform you when you can pick it up.  DON’T BE LATE!!!  When you finally get her, she’s fabulous!  She may look like “Perrysburg Barbie,” but you shouldn’t get them confused.  OH Barbie (as she prefers to be called) comes complete with a black Lexus SUV, 2.5 kids, a Starbucks gold card (take that Sylvania Barbie) and older, renovated mansion in OH.  OH Barbie gets lost easily and has no full time job or secondary education.  OH Ken (sold separately) works outside the home but supplies all the funds for her and the kids to do anything and everything they want.  Also sold separately is the OH iPad, so OH Barbie can plan her next exotic vacation.

Perrysburg Barbie – This beautiful doll comes in a TWO pack!  You’ll get Perrysburg Barbie along with Ex-husband Ken.  You’ll also get ex-husband Ken’s house and a younger version of Ken!  Perrysburg Barbie comes with her husband’s credit card, short skirts, and low cut top.  She’s only available in long blonde or brunette hair, that’s curlable!  She’s sporting an amazing tan because she just got back from Mexico.  When she’s driving around town, you’ll love that she’s sporting a Chevy Tahoe with soccer decal.  She shops while the kids are at school, and loves to take pictures outside of their brand new dream house!  Her life is perfect from the outside looking in, because after all, she does live in “Perfects-burg!”

Tiffin Barbie – This Barbie comes with her own Def Leppard mid-riff t-shirt, Wranger jeans that are 2 sizes too small, and a can of Aqua-net hair spray for her 80’s hair style.  Tiffin Barbie comes with her own 1980 Ford pickup without tailgate, complete with gun rack and choke-em out Ken.