The whole show has been sick or the past few weeks, and we're REALLY sorry that you have to listen to us so stuffed up.

We've all been blaming Meagan for getting us sick, and we finally have proof.  

About two weeks ago Meaghan (who sits in the corner of the studio) let out a series of horrific coughs and never covered her mouth.  Those germs traveled through the studio and directly to Sid.  Sid then got sick and passed it along to Sara, who then passed it to Demetrius, who passed it to Phillipe.  

The only reason Meaghan isn't sick is becuase she's the actual CARRIER of this horrific sickness that has plagued our studio.  

Sid grabbed our video camera as the rest of the show confronted her on her lack of responsibility covering her mouth.  

What do you think?  Is Meaghan the reason the majority of the show is sick?  Leave us a comment below.