A cab driver in New Orleans is suing the city for false imprisonment because one of his passengers came onto him and then accused HIM of blackmail and extortion.  

This is what happened...39-year-old cabbie Hervey Farrell, was working as a cab driver in New Orleans back in April of 2012.  

Hervey picked up an attractive 33-year-old lawyer named Jennifer Gaubert.  She was clearly drunk as she climbed into the front seat of his cab and started touching his crotch, begging him for sex.  Hervey kept denying her, but she insisted.  

Knowing no one would believe him, Hervey decided to grab his cell phone and record the woman.  She didn't notice he was filming her while she harassed him.  

A few months later, she told cops he KIDNAPPED her!  He was arrested, spent 27 hours in prison, and lost his taxi license.  His mugshot showed up online, along with reports that he was trying to extort her with the video, but none of that was true.

Police FINALLY got a look at the entire video and turned the tables on his accuser, Jennifer.  

Jennifer was arrested, and later convicted of battery, and she's facing charges of making a false statement, which could get her 5 years in prison.

Here's a look at the video Hervey shot that day...