Since it's Friday, we've decided to post a few videos that will make you feel a range of emotions.  

The first video will probably make you cry.  Seriously.

This is a woman named Joanne, that lives over in the U.K.. The video features her getting fit with her ear implants and hearing something for the first time in her life.

Joanne is so overcome with emotion that she breaks down in the middle of her appointment.  Grab some tissues, because you're probably going to drop some tears.

Let's lighten things up a bit.  

We found this video of a guy in Oklahoma that took his video camera onto his porch to record a storm.  The guys name is Frankie, and according to the site we got it from, he kept telling his friends they were going to hammered by a huge thunderstorm, but they wouldn't believe him.  

Frankie goes absolutely CRAZY around the :40 mark.  When you're watching, make sure you listen for Frankie's lisp.  When he says, "excess winds at 60 miles an hour," it gets even harder not to just laugh at the guy.

Just imagine this guy the first time he saw a woman naked.  Never mind, that's never happened.

THIS VIDEO IS N.S.F.W. so be careful where you watch it.  

We have to admit, Frankie reminds us of the "double rainbow" guy from 2010.  If you missed that video, here's a look back.