Most Requested Live with Romeo

Most Requested Live with Romeo

Most Requested Live Worldwide with Romeo is the most interactive show on the radio, broadcasting live across the USA & Canada every Saturday night!Full Bio

SMITH chats with #MostRequestedLive!

Jason Derulo chats with #MostRequestedLive!

Jason Derulo joins #MostRequestedLive and answers your questions in this exclusive chat!

Jessie Murph shares what's on her FYP, Drake following her, pre-show rituals & collabing with Diplo!

Jessie Murph joins #MostRequestedLive and shares what's on her For You Page, what her reaction is to Drake following her on Instagram, her pre-show rituals (have a bud light, eat some gushers, and listen to drake), her music inspirations, how her collab with Diplo came to be & MORE! Hear our exclusive interview now with Bennett.

Dasha: there was "no plan b" in life & shares the text from Keith Urban was a "pinch me moment"

Dasha joins #MostRequestedLive and talks "Austin" and more, saying there was "no plan b" in life for here - music was always what she wanted to do. Plus, she shares the feelings of getting a text from Keith Urban, which was a "pinch me moment." Check out the exclusive interview now for more with Bennett!

XG Chats with #MostRequestedLive!

XG joins #MostRequestedLive and answers your questions in this exclusive chat!

Lukas Graham chats with #MostRequestedLive!

Lukas Graham joins #MostRequestedLive for an exclusive chat!

David Guetta shares the song he's most proud of, what makes a good party, creating "Titanium" + MORE

David Guetta joins Most Requested Live and talks how his new track "I Don't Wanna Wait" with Ryan Tedder / OneRepublic came together. It's all about just enjoying the moment, put the darkness aside, and being positive.

He says making music with Ryan Tedder was like "love at first sight" and that they made at least 3 huge records - with this is the first one of them they are releasing. "He's one of the best songwriters on the planet," Guetta says about Tedder.

Also, David Guetta says SIA was going to stop being an artist before she did "Titanium" together. He shares his new dream is to one day also make a song with Adele. "She needs to just give me a little sign and I'll be there."

The DJ says that he only wants to spread happiness and positivity with his music: "everything I do, I try to bring people together."

Listen to the exclusive interview now with Bennett on Most Requested Live.

Kane Brown chats with #MostRequestedLive!

Kane Brown comes back and joins #MostRequestedLive, answering your questions in this exclusive chat!

What are Lukas Graham’s “Cheat Codes” to a happy marriage?

Lukas Graham joins Most Requested Live for an exclusive interview and reveals his "Cheat Codes" to a happy marriage!!! Plus, he opens up on his dreams coming true and shares how he recorded his whole entire album in front of a live audience (he needed pressure and a deadline!) AND cut “Believer” in just one take. As for his new album, that's coming in 2025 and sounds “new, but nostalgic”. Check out the interview now with Bennett!

Levi Hummon chats with #MostRequestedLive!

Levi Hummon joins #MostRequestedLive for an exclusive chat and answers your questions!